Adult Mini Face Mask

Adult Mini Face Mask

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Main features of mini shield:

  • Fast and transparent like glass-promote oral communication

  • Comfortable nasal pressure adjustment-prevents fogging of glasses

  • Does not interfere with wearing glasses

  • Can be used multiple times-you can disinfect and wash up to 30 times by hand. Made of materials with special properties that contribute to cleaning. All you need is a sponge, soap and water not exceeding 40℃)

  • Perfect bonding-even integrated with the user

  • Its design assumes that people wearing glasses should feel comfortable. There is almost no annoying phenomenon of protective masks or steam glasses.

  • Lightweight and comfortable materials

  • Made of extremely light materials, which means you can easily wear them for several days. Comfortable and harmless, you can easily wear glasses.

  • Colour:Blue,Gray,Green,Red