Makeup Brush Cleaner Set

Makeup Brush Cleaner Set

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Regular cleaning of makeup brushes is critical to avoid the build up of bacteria, which can cause spots, skin abscesses, infections and cold sores. The beauty of this is that it’s really simple to use. You just attach any makeup brush using one of eight collars, before dunking it for 10 seconds, spinning for another 10 seconds and then drying for five to 10 seconds. That’s your makeup brush completely clean and dry in less time than it takes to choose a shade of lipstick!

  • Size: 1.18" / 3cm
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Used With: Powder
  • Hair material: Soft Synthetic Fiber
  • Use: Face Handle
  • Application: Beauty Care Make Tools Handle
  • Advantage: 10 sizes ,fitting for all
  • Hair Width: 0.79" / 2cm


Q. Will this work for my small eye shadow and detailer brushes?
A. Yes, the Make-up Brush Cleaner works with brushes of all sizes!

Q. Can I clean oval brushes with this?
A. This product works with any makeup brush as long as the handle is round.

Q. Will it work for brushes with thick handles?
A. Yes, the attachment can fit large brushes with ease too. No worries!

Q. How fast does the brush spin? Would it damage my real or animal hair brushes?
A. The cleaner spins fast enough to give you clean brushes in under a minute. However, the speed is set such that it doesn't damage brushes, no matter what type of hair. So don't worry at all.

Q. What cleaning solution can I use?
A. You can use baby shampoo/wash on my brushes. Regular shampoo works as well, but baby shampoo is more gentle on the brushes. 

Q. Do I have to rinse the brushes after it's been cleaned with shampoo?
A. No need! Once you use the device, you lift the brush out of the water and spin it, which causes the brush to dry completely.

Q. How do I increase the effectiveness of the brush cleaner?
A. To get perfect clean brushes, try soaking your make-up brushes in a little bit of waterproof eye make-up remover before cleaning them. A quick 5 minute soak and it works wonders!

Q. Do I have to add clean water for every brush?
A. You can clean several brushes in one go. However, if you see that the water has gotten dirty, just swap it quickly for more clean water from the tap.

Q. What's the best way to clean the bowl?
A. Simply dump all the water in the bowl immediately after you've cleaned all your brushes. Rinse the bowl with clean water a few times and that should be enough. Use a tiny drop of soap sometimes to clean it if some content acts tough.

Q. How many brushes am I able to clean with one fully charged device?
A. Even without full charge, the device can clean about 20 brushes in one go. At full charge, it can do even more.