NoStrip Wax

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Instructions for use:
Heat wax to 50°C/120°F to produce a honey like texture. Then lower temperature on warmer to lowest setting and wait about 10 minutes. Test the wax’s temperature on your wrist before applying. First, prepare your skin for waxing using (for best results). Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. Leave to cool, then carefully but firmly peel off the wax, pulling it back parallel to your skins surface in the opposite direction to hair growth.

New formula for the polymer wax user. Application at low temperature. Applied thin with the ability to cover large areas or small areas like Face or Bikini.

300 Grams Weight

Blue Film Wax that is applied thin but still effective for removal of even the finest facial hairs.

Product Benefits:
-application at low temperature
-no strips needed for removal
-our most elastic formula yet
-less painful than strip wax
-pulls even the smallest facials hairs
-ideal for legs and facial waxing